Inter-Dimensional Academy

dank memes and dark dreams


by D.J. Evans

Chapter 2 posted

oh, there's a blog function? time for overuse and abuse!!

so apparently it's been Almost A Year since I posted chapter 1 (i've known for a while that it's been a year+ since i started drawing dang) honestly I expected something more like four chapters a year but.. u kno.. 1 a year is close enough,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
anyway I can't say I'm the happiest ever with how this chapter turned out but bOI AM I HAPPY IT'S FINISHED and it's worth reading i promise

I'm actually almost done with chapter 3 at this point (trippy i know) so maybe that will be posted this summer.

constructive criticism is encouraged
the only thing I ask is this: if it's about art, I probably already know, so if you think u might know a specific way to improve it (e.g. link to a drawing method on pinterest, "make your lines thinner"... something like that) that would be 10/10

To keep it relevant I'll end this here but if u want to hear me scream about it more check me out on the tumblr dot com

thank!! i lov u keep memeing